Welcome to Professor Zhen Zhang's Research Group on Nanoelectronics and Nanosensors

The research group is part of the Solid-State Electronics Division at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Uppsala University, Sweden. We are exploring advanced silicon chip technology and novel nanodevice concepts towards applications in biotechnology and energy. We are also interested in cryogenic operation of silicon nanodevices for quantum chip applications.

In the biotechnology application area, our focus is on novel nanosensor concepts for detection of ions and molecules (such as DNA and protein) with high signal output, low noise and short response time. We are further exploring our nanosensors for biomedical applications of significant societal importance, such as rapid antibiotic susceptibility tests and single molecule/cell analysis for drug screening. Our research activities in this area are sponsored by the Wallenberg Foundation, Swedish Strategic Research Foundation (SSF), Swedish Research Council (VR), Olle Engkvist Foundation,and the Science & Technology Faculty of Uppsala University.

In the energy application area, we are currently working on an energy-efficient 3D chip technology in collaboration with Professor M. Östling’s group at the Royal Institute of Technology-KTH. This research is primarily sponsored by SSF, but through a project titled ‘Ge nanowire transistors for sequential 3D integration’. We are also exploring high-performance flexible thermoelectric devices and memristors, together with Professor Xun Shi’s group at Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This part is supported by a VR China-Sweden research collaboration grant.

Our research activities are strongly dependent on the facilities for processing and characterisation provided by Ångström Microstructure Laboratory (MSL) and the other Myfab laboratories. We also contribute to the MSL services by providing expertise competence primarily in semiconductor processing and integration technology.